Welcome to NoahAdjei’s blog which is aimed to help you understand the reality of the world. We came on this earth not on our own, whiles we are on this earth too we have been given the privilege to choose and do what we like ( that is our willpower ).

But you know what, when we die we are not going to have a privilege to choose where we like to spend our eternity. We are going to be judged by how we used our willpower on earth, and the standard which will be use to judge is the BIBLE.

The philosophers of the world will say  “your doing today will determine your destination tomorrow”  which means anything you do today will have a result in the future.
So how you use your willpower on earth will determine were you will spend your eternity.

Now ask yourself where will you spend your eternity?.

There are many post on this blog that can help you give accurate answer to this question.

May God give you the understanding as you read.


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Your views, comments and questions are welcome.



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